New inhabitants from Madagascar

LemurenWith their unmistakable appearance, their fox-like faces and black and white ringed, ca. 60 centimetre long tail, they belong to the Lemur sub-species, Katta. Since 2010 they have been the darlings of Arnstadt’s Zoological Garden. The five male animals came from Cottbus Zoo. In their wild state they are only found in the south and southwest of the Island of Madagascar. They are very tame, entertaining and companionable.

Because of new EU guidelines for zoological gardens and zoos, the last apes had to leave Arnstadt Zoological Park in 2004. Thanks to the support of local firms and institutions like Borg Warner Transmission Systems Arnstadt GmbH, the Wachsenburg-Massiv-Haus AG, Johannes-Falk-Projects as well as the Tierparkvereins Arnstadt e. V. it has now been possible to adapt the ape enclosure to meet the new guidelines and introduce the Kattas into their new home at the beginning of June 2010.