Fabulously beautiful and shrouded in legend

PfauThe gorgeous peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Again and again during its mating season the vividly iridescent hen spreads out its imposing feathers in a fan. The blue peacock is actually a native of India and Sri Lanka.
Wild peacocks still live there today, very reclusively in the dense undergrowth of the jungle. Most of these beautiful creatures, however, are kept as decorative birds in the presence of man. Around 4,000 years ago peacocks had already found their way to Europe. The cold winters in our latitudes don’t bother them. In large Parks and Zoological Gardens they feel quite at home. In 2005 their enclosure in Arnstadt Zoological Park was remodelled in line with EU guidelines for zoos. It has an area is 7,5m², where we currently have one male peacock.