King of the night

UhuThe uhu (eagle owl) has its name from its mating call, which sounds like "oo-hoo". And because it is the largest owl species in the world, it is called the “King of the Night”. Our European uhu has the widest distribution of all uhu species: it can be found from Portugal to Japan and from Finland to India. Furthermore, it lives in North Africa and as far south as the Niger and Sudan. In Europe it is even more commonly found in Spain and Portugal and in Southern France, in the Southern Alps, in the Apennines, in the Balkan countries as well as in Scandinavia and Russia. In Central Europe it has disappeared from some regions, because it has been very heavily hunted. Today there are several hundred uhu pairs in Switzerland but in Austria and Germany there are only a few hundred pairs left.

In our collection at present there are two older birds. The species is threatened with extinction. In 2010 we were able to pass on birds we had successfully bred to other zoos. The enclosure was renewed in 2004 und has a total area of 48m².