Educational offer for groups and school classes
The educational program is possible only after a previous appointment, for groups of 10 people, but not for individual visitors.

Miniature pottery
Miniature pottery like jars, vases, plates, pots and orange buckets, as they are seen at the Castle Museum may be created as well.

Number of participants: max. 20 participants
Costs (Material costs without burning): 1,00 € per person

Further information:
The creative part is always preceded by a tour through selected areas of the New Palace.

In addition to the cost of materials the entrance fee needs to be payed (School class fee 10,00 €). More guided tours without the creative part are of course also possible after registration, for example a tour through the doll town “Mon Plaisir” and the “J. S. Bach” tour (45 minutes each) or the doll town and the “Beletage” – exhibition of old furniture and other antiques (about 90 minutes). A visit to the special exhibition may vary time. A guided tour costs 30,00 € per group (up to 30 people). For our current exhibitions we often offer special tours and creative activities as well.

Some of our offers from the past do still exist and can of course also be booked, for example: "Arnstadt in the Medieval Walling" or "Arnstadt in Changing Times," "The Art of Papermaking," Ley Automobile (small wooden cars) and "Writing Materials in the Course of Time". Within our creative offer it may also be dyed with madder during the summer months. All the offers are always preceded by a guided tour through Arnstadt.

We also offer tours to and through the Arnstadt zoo “Fasanerie”. After the tour visitors may process wool or create funny little snakes from felt.  During the cold season we build food bells for the animals. New offer: Creating small animals made from tree trunks and moss rubber. For small groups we also offer full-time care and other features such as the "pet license".