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Concerts in the Arnstadt Bach Festival

Building on he success of the "Arnstadt Bach Days " (1990-2004), Bach-Festival-Arnstadt has been staged since 2005 in honour of Johann Sebastian Bach, with various events within a 10-day period around the birthday of the musician. Since then one has been able to experience international concert highlights in Arnstadt. Detailed programme information about the Bach-Festival-Arnstadt can be found under:

Concerts in the wedding church of J.S. Bach in Dornheim

On the 17th October 1707 Johann Sebastian Bach married his second cousin, Maria Barbara Bach in Dornheim Church. It has been handed down that the wedding guests walked over stubble fields from Arnstadt to Dornheim, during which they joined hands and sang amusing songs. Both the organ and the furnishings of the church were very simple. From his marriage with Maria Barbara he had seven children, among them the most famous Bach sons, Friedemann and Philipp Emanuel. Maria Barbara died aged 36 years in Köthen.

Throughout the year there are various concerts, readings and walking tours in Dornheim.

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Organ concert in the Bach Church with Church Music Director Gottfried Preller
Hear compositions by Bach in their original setting! This is where J. S. Bach began his professional career as organist. At the age of only 18 years he tested the then new Wender organ, after which he received his first appointment. Listen to the sounds of previous ages in this authentic place.

Prices on application.

Dates and Tickets:
Church music director Gottfried Preller
Phone: 0171 / 4727009

bookable throughout the year